Delta Credit Card

When you are one of those types of traveler who know a lot about doing what it takes to maximize a great card product for airline points, the Delta Credit Card-Gold is a great one to consider. The Delta Credit Card-Gold has a very good rate as well as it offers quite a few different ways for travelers to collect lots of points. On top of the ordinary points offered, the Delta Credit Card-Gold promotes bonus points also. After you become a Delta Credit Card-Gold member you are given the opportunity to have 30,000 points as a bonus added to your account. In order to redeem the bonus point offering for the sign-up, you just have to first show your activeness as a member by spending at least $500 using their card within the first three months after being issued the Delta Credit Card-Gold. What is really cool about their bonus offering is that they don't require their members to spend nearly as much as most other card offerings of the same type just to get the bonus points.

Also, after making your very first charge with your Delta Credit Card-Gold you will have earned a credit to your account of $50. You will just need to make sure that the purchase is one from the list they provide you of all of their retailers they are partnered with. For every dollar that you spend with Delta using your Delta Credit Card-Gold you will gain two miles to use towards a Delta flight ticket. Make sure to remember that these purchases for the two miles have to be from the list of retailers they provide to you which are very many. Every other purchase made with your Delta Credit Card-Gold will gain you a one mile credit to your account. The miles offerings from the Delta Credit Card-Gold as far as miles seem to be pretty minor in comparison to others. However, they really do remain competitive in other ways with other benefits as well.


People have sometimes become confused with the purpose of the Delta Credit Card-Gold because they are looking for many benefits. If you are looking for many benefits within a card then the Delta Credit Card-Gold is probably not going to be for you. The Delta Credit Card-Gold is mostly all about those who want to rack up lots of miles and points for their everyday purchases more than anything else. For those people who really are concerned with getting all of the points and miles usually will never have any problems even with the unappealing APR because they will be more likely to keep the account paid in order to avoid the high APR and penalty fees.

Making sure that the account for your Delta Credit Card-Gold is always in great standing will be the key to enjoying everything this card offers to the fullest. If you are one who will not maintain your Delta Credit Card-Gold account, you will really be missing out on one of the highest miles offerings provided through the Delta Credit Card-Gold. If you are savvy enough to know how to handle the Delta Credit Card-Gold it will be a great addition to your travel rewards programs.